Financial Aid

Blyth Academy strongly believes in the value of educational travel and the impact it has on students’ academic and professional futures. We believe in making our programs fully accessible to all students, and therefore provide financial aid to students and families who have demonstrated financial need.

Last year, Blyth Academy provided financial assistance to 50 students on International programs. The average financial aid amount is 10% to 20% of the program cost, for a total of up to $50,000 awarded each year. Blyth Academy International’s Financial Aid program is a flexible monetary scholarship. It aims to celebrate and reward student academic achievement and commitment to school life.


To apply to the Needs-based financial aid program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a student who is financially restricted and would have difficulty or be unable to otherwise participate in the program.
  • Be a Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 student in good academic standing.
  • Show solid community and school involvement
  • Exhibit strong leadership characteristics and personal integrity
  • Have an interest in travel


  1. Blyth Academy International Financial Aid Application Form.
  2. Short Essay: Please provide a 500 word essay explaining why you would like to study abroad and how you believe you will contribute to your chosen program.
  3. Program registration, including deposit, registration fee, and any insurance selected.
    Note: If your scholarship application is declined or the financial aid amount is insufficient to allow you to travel with Blyth Academy, you can request, and will receive, a full refund, including the deposit and registration fee.
  4. Most recent report card – most recent report card or transcript showing final grades.
  5. One reference letter: A letter from either a teacher or a leader in your community.
  6. Letter of financial need: A personal letter from a parent/guardian outlining your financial need. The parent letter of financial need must be signed by the parent.
  7. T4 or equivalent tax assessment: Most recent statements of remuneration for both parents (or legal guardians).

Applicants will be contacted to confirm the application has been received.


Financial Aid applications for Blyth Academy Florence are subject to the following deadlines:

  • Applications for Term 1 and Full-Year enrolment are due by June 1
  • Applications for Term 2 enrolment are due by August 1
  • Applications for Term 3 enrolment are due by November 1
  • Applications for Term 4 enrolment are due by January 1


Once the application is received by Blyth Academy you will receive a confirmation email. The application will then be assessed based on need and completeness of the application.

Best of luck to all of our applicants!

Decisions for Global High School and Blyth Academy Florence will be granted on a rolling basis, as applications are received. Financial Aid will be awarded until all funds are allocated or the deadline passes, whichever comes first.

Successful applicants will be notified of the amount of financial aid offered, and will have time to reflect and decide if they wish to proceed with registration. Offers of scholarship amount will be sent to the parent/guardian and student via email. The parent/guardian must accept or decline the offer of aid in writing. No student acceptance will be valid.

Email, or fax complete applications to:
Financial Aid Committee
Blyth Academy
Fax: (416) 960-9506

Important Notes

  • Discounts, special offers, and financial aid/scholarships cannot be combined. This includes all early booking incentives.
  • Should students choose to switch programs, offers of financial aid may be altered to reflect program choice.
  • Financial aid cannot be awarded in cash.
  • Financial aid cannot be used for optional excursions.