About Blyth Academy Florence

Blyth Academy Florence

Blyth Academy, the only Canadian international boarding school in Florence, Italy is now open. Blyth is Canada’s leading private school by enrolment, and the top provider of opportunities for Canadian students to complete secondary school credits abroad. In 1977, Sam Blyth created his first educational program in Florence, and Blyth has continued to send students ever since.

The new Blyth Academy in Florence will reflect the values of Blyth International: a safe, accessible, experiential and progressive learning experience which actively engages your child in their secondary school studies, and prepares them for success in life.

Blyth Academy in Italy

In 1977, Blyth Academy ran its first educational program to Florence and has continued to do so every year since then. We are deeply knowledgeable of the region and have a host of resources in Florence and throughout the country. As Canada’s leading provider of academic travel, we are perfectly positioned and experienced to enrich your child’s education and to care for them as they discover Italy and Europe.

Why Florence?

The Renaissance city of Florence sits in the geographical, cultural and political centre of Italy. From Lorenzo the Magnificent and Botticelli to present day figures like Matteo Renzi, the 40 year old Prime Minister of Italy and former Mayor of Florence, the city has produced brilliance for centuries and led the world in so many fields. The city is also a transportation hub. High speed trains will take our students in less than two hours to Rome, Venice, Milan and Bologna, not to mention Tuscan delights such as Siena, San Gimigiano and Pisa. Low cost flights from Florence airport open up Paris, Barcelona and many more destinations for inexpensive weekends. Pisa, thirty minutes away, has direct flights from New York, Toronto and most other major European cities.